Public Service is something that differentiates Ad 2 from other advertising related-organizations. For more than 40 years, Ad 2 clubs have donated entire advertising and marketing campaigns for nonprofits around the country. Each year Ad 2 DC selects a client, researches the client’s needs, and use the Public Service Committee’s various talents to create a complete strategic marketing plan tailored to the client’s goals. Then, Committee members execute that plan by creating multimedia advertising elements. 

The 2017-2018 Public Service client is...Mikva Challenge DC! 

Mikva Challenge was founded on the premise that youth voice and participation matter, and that our civic and political life will be stronger when youth participate and help shape their own destinies. The Committee was inspired by Mikva DC’s commitment to developing youth to be empowered, informed and active citizens who will promote a just and equitable society. In support of this mission, Mikva Challenge DC promotes “Action Civics,” an educational model that builds on the project-based, democratic learning philosophies established by John Dewey and Jane Addams, two progressive philosophers with a profound belief in democracy. To get involved with the Public Service Committee, email [email protected].

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Watch our 2nd place winning Public Service campaign below: