September 2015 Member Spotlight

Sarah Maria Harrell, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Manager, RCIS

What is your role at your company?

I handle internal and market-facing communications for our regulatory department, as well as a variety of corporate affairs initiatives.

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Sarah Maria Harrell
Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Manager, RCIS
What is your most recent success?

This was a communications effort leading up to our annual “RICS Summit of the Americas.” Myself and colleagues from around the world, including members of staff from the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Oceania, India and Brazil, worked together to come up with a way to promote our events internationally throughout a variety of channels and amongst stakeholders. We now have a process for promoting our events internationally and raising the profile of any of our large events worldwide, making sure we capitalize on our international reach and brand.

Favorite Emerging Trend:

I’m most excited about the new trends in technology and digital media. How video for instance is becoming more and more prevalent, as a way to explain or showcase information. I’m also fascinated by all of the progress being made in the area of online and programmatic advertising.

Why I joined DC Ad Club:

I joined the DC Ad Club to be able to meet and network with like-minded professionals and to find leadership opportunities. I also knew it would inevitably be a lot of fun along the way!

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