Be Part Of The District's Creators and Communicators Association

AAF DC membership is a common sense benefit for employees: an affordable way to support them in their professional development while mobilizing them to network on behalf of your company. And with a group membership you receive discounts over individual memberships.

Group Rates
Popular with small, medium and large sized business. Ensure staff receive training, meet partners, identify new business opportunities and find new talent with one invoice, annually.

  • Company level offers 4 memberships. $600.00
  • Corporate level offers 7 memberships. $1,000.00
  • Silver level offers 10 memberships. $1,300.00
  • Executive  level offers unlimited memberships. $3,500.00

Individual Rates
Popular with students, freelancers and job-seekers — or if you can’t convince your boss to go for a group package (oh, come on boss!) — an individual membership gives you full access to all member benefits and events.

  • Individual: Active professionals in the industry. $199.00
  • Ad 2 DC: Young professionals, under the age of 32. $99.00
  • Educator: Teachers and professors. $99.00
  • Retired: Active person, retired status. $99.00
  • Student: Full-time enrollment in related curriculum. $49.00

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