AAF DC Promotes The District's Creators and Communicators

In 2019, AAF DC celebrates 101 years of organizational existence supporting the creative-driven economy. We are preparing a great year of programming and events that will ensure AAF DC fully supports the District’s creative economy of today and tomorrow.

To do that successfully requires new approaches. There are four primary ways AAF DC will achieve that goal:

  • Opening the membership door even wider. Inviting organizations and professionals who support or apply creatively-driven solutions to business and organizational challenges. Non-profits, federal agencies, digital companies, research firms, consumer-based companies, news media and placement firms – all are welcomed into AAF DC to participate in the events and engage with our members.
  • Increasing the District’s reputation as a creative economy. From Sterling to Annapolis and Woodbridge to Columbia, the District has incredibly successful and uniquely innovative companies and organizations that any B-to-C, B, or G organization would benefit from buying, selling or partnering with.
  • Recognizing AAF DC member companies and professionals. Through traditional events like the American Advertising Awards, DC Advertising Week and other regional media outlets, members can expect to see more recognition of their work and successes. As leaders in a creatively-driven economy that provides incredible fiscal and employment value to the District, we are going to work to enhance the value members’ provide to extend that halo effect further in market.
  • Leading by example, inclusion and diversity will be pillars of our programming. From educational programming to best-practice sharing, our vision is to be a conduit that ensures the rising tide of acceptance, equality and fairness is received by all our members. Additionally, the AAF DC Foundation will be strengthened and scholarship funding offered to qualified, aspiring students enrolled in trade or traditional higher education.

Every program we create and each event we promote, AAF DC seeks to achieve four goals:

  • Contribute Meaningfully: We provide members with access information and experts that increases knowledge, develops networking skills and helps further professional development.
  • Celebrate Success: We recognize the people and work that moves markets, improves human conditions, and employs 10's of thousands in The District.
  • Nurture Tomorrow's Creative Leaders: Through Ad 2 DC and our young professional training and education, we mentor and lead talent to learn new skills and expand their network.
  • Support Diversity: Through networking, invitations and gatherings we introduce the known and the unknown to each other to create access and opportunity for all professionals.