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Graphic Designer .:. advocacy organization
Position Location: 
Washington, DC
Position Type: 
Full-time, on-site temporary assignment through at least the end of September 2019
Position Reports To: 
Creative Director
Position Description: 

A well-established advocacy and lobbying organization with a focus on foreign affairs and national headquarters offices in Washington, DC is looking to engage a Graphic Designer in a temporary position that will offer full-time work hours and a firm weekly pay rate through the end of September 2019.

The Graphic Designer will design be involved in the design and production of a wide variety of materials for the hiring organization's Marketing, Communications & Events department -- including, but not limited to: traditional marketing collateral; online and offline policy materials for regional and national events; interactive products that will be used for event promotion; and other general organizational materials. The Marketing, Communications & Events team is a robust and well organized group.

Brainstorm Creative Resources is recruiting for this position at the request of the hiring organization -- a group we have supported on an annual basis, on a wide variety of hiring efforts for more than ten years. We typically post salary and rate ranges in public-facing job descriptions (see below), but we do not typically include employer names. If you are interested in applying for this position, we hope you will allow us to represent you, rather than working independently to identify the hiring organization so that you can inquire with them directly.

* Participate in project launch meetings with internal clients and project managers by processing clients' lists of needs and articulating creative vision for projects.
* Deliver exciting and fresh designs to clients while meeting the organization's brand guidelines and style guide requirements.
* Communicate regularly with traffic coordinator and project managers to meet design and production deadlines before final delivery of projects.
* Work with print and/or other vendors when needed to ensure proper file delivery.
* Organize project files within file management systems and actively participate in project management database to ensure up-to-date information.
* Other duties as assigned.


* Experienced, mid-level graphic designer with at least three years of consistent, relevant, professional experience working in a corporate, non-profit or creative agency setting.
* An undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university is a plus. A concentration of studies in graphic design, visual arts or communications is desirable.
* Excellent typography skills.
* Demonstrable experience designing and laying out print-oriented materials and digital marketing products such as graphics-rich e-mails.
* Deep and recent experience working regularly in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.
* Experience with UX/UI is a plus, especially knowledge of prototyping tools (preferably Adobe XD), user testing software (preferably Google Analytics, UserTesting) and the LEAN process. This includes the ability to gather and evaluate user requirements.
* Comfortable interfacing in non-design applications such as Microsoft Office is a plus.
* Experience working in/around Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a plus.
* The ability to manage time and priorities effectively and multi-task among multiple projects and competing deadlines.
* Well developed communications and presentation skills, that will help you work efficiently with internal clients who aren't designers.
* The ability to work well independently and as part of a team.
* Experience seeing projects through from concept through to delivery.
* Able to receive creative feedback and criticism constructively and remain flexible to changing client needs.
* Must have knowledge of file deliverables to print vendors, social media, web and email.
* A passion for the hiring organization's mission is not critical, but it is definitely a plus.


We are seeking well qualified individuals who are interested in the following work situation:
(1) a temporary role with full-time hours through the end of September 2019;
(2) in Washington, DC;
(3) very close to a Metrorail and Metrobus-accessible location;
(4) starting as soon as possible.

As noted elsewhere in this job description, we are looking to engage a terrific designer in a temporary role that will feel like a full-time position for the duration of the assignment. All work will be done at the employer's workplace, which is in a contemporary, privately owned office building a short distance from Union Station. Candidates must be interested in working roughly 40-hours/week -- typical full-time hours. Individuals who can only work part-time or who are interested in working from home should not apply. The workplace is easily accessible via car, Metrorail and Metrobus and there are many parking garage and metered on-street parking options.

We are suggesting a broad weekly pay rate range of between $1080 and $1800. These weekly rates, when annualized, are the basis for salaries ranging from $54K to $90K. Alternatively, when considered on an hourly basis, the weekly rates are equivalent to $27/hour to $45/hour.

Brainstorm Creative Resources strives to pay competitively. However, it is unlikely (but not impossible) that we will be able to pay early career applicants near the top of the stated salary range. Alternatively, highly experienced professionals whose resumes indicate substantial, relevant experience can expect that we will make a strong case to our client, to pay you at or near the top of the range.

The actual weekly rate offered will be commensurate with your experience and will largely be based on the following factors: credentials as detailed in your resume, your interview experiences with Brainstorm Creative Resources and/or our client, and quality of reference providers and references provided.

The payment terms for this engagement are structured differently than most temporary assignments. Instead of being paid only for the hours you work (which is the staffing industry norm), you will paid a weekly rate that will not differ from week to week. The rate will be based on the assumption that you are working 40 hours each week, but it will not be reduced if the employer's office is closed or if you take scheduled and approved time off. This policy extends to all individuals we engage to work for this particular client. The engagement also offers a limited overtime differential. Overtime will be calculated under a federally mandated formula that indicates different rates each week, depending on how many hours were worked during that week. We will be glad to provide a clear, detailed verbal overview of this payment methodology and documentation regarding the overtime policy to the most well qualified applicants.

How To Apply: 

Brainstorm Creative Resources is a recruiting and staffing firm that has been focused on placing creative and editorial professionals into freelance and full-time positions with Washington, DC-area employers since 2003.

If you are reading this job description at our Application Portal please follow the instructions included below. If you are reading this job description elsewhere please visit us at Within our website you can click anywhere you see "Find Work" buttons or text to view all currently open positions. Please follow these steps when you apply:

1) Closely read the complete job description to ensure that you are a terrific fit for the opportunity.
2) If you are a returning applicant please enter your e-mail address and password, and then add the opportunity to your "My Jobs" list.
3) If you have not applied with Brainstorm previously, click the "Apply For This Position" button.
4) During the application process please make sure to:
-> Provide all details requested as you are completing your personal profile (including links to sample work online),
-> Upload a resume and cover letter.

We expect all interested parties to support their application and salary request with a cover letter that clearly indicates their fitness for the position. Only candidates currently residing within a commutable distance of Washington, DC should apply. Applicants not currently living in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia, or who inquire without a cover letter, resume and/or work samples should not expect to receive a response. Brainstorm Creative Resources and the hiring organization are EEO employer.

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